Family First Aid Level 2 (VTQ) Articles

Thank you for your interest in Family First Aid Level 2 (VTQ). We hope you enjoy these articles that discuss some important issues in our industry.

Course of the week - Pet First Aid

When people think of first aid, they often do not think about their pets. Pets have accidents the same as humans and knowing what to do should the worst happen is a simple thing to learn with basic training. Pet first aid is not aimed to replace veterinary care but it will help you to recognise an emergency, calm your pet and reduce the risks of delayed treatment.

Daughter saves Mother on Mother’s Day

Our USA side have an excellent story on how training pays off in saving a life. As a nurse, Nancy has been trained in CPR many times throughout her career. It was the day after her most recent re-certification that she was called upon to put her skills into use. And it hit close to home.

How do i treat nose bleeds and foreign objects

Nosebleeds are common in children and adults. They are often easily treated and do not return. Nosebleeds can be distressing to children and embarrassing to adults.